What’s in My Lunch Bag| What I Eat in a

What’s in My Lunch Bag| What I Eat in a Day and Easy, Healthy Lunches You Can Pack & Go

Breakfast Sandwich x Asian Rice Bowl w/ Chicken Breasts

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Today we’re doing a spin on “What’s in My Bag” and “What I Eat in a Day ” YouTube videos, putting this ALDI grocery haul to use, and I’m showing you what’s in my lunch bag and what I eat in a day at work. This is an extension of my grocery shop with me and ALDI videos. These are healthy and quick breakfast sandwich meals and a healthy and quick lunch meal for work, that can easily be vegan when you remove the chicken breasts and add tofu from the recipe. In this second what’s in my (work lunch) bag video, I’m making breakfast sandwiches with chicken lunch meat, I’m skipping the homemade Chick-fil-A sauce this week, then for lunch I’m having an easy Asian rice bowl with and easy chicken breasts recipe and stir fry vegetables from Whole Foods. I wanted all my meals to be quick and easy for a Black girl on the go who wants to eat healthy and has to go into the office. I pack 2 snacks: mango and a Gouda cheese stick from ALDI + I keep snacks in my office at work. This week I’m taking an ALDI Find to keep in my office this week, ALDI’s jalapeno lime popcorn. These are easy meal prep ideas for people who want to lose weight or just be healthy. I’m all about easy work meals and getting them done on Sundays to reset for the week.

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