In this video I do my best to share what I eat in a day of average work / training, also digging deep in the why and how I make some choices after some years of experimenting! Main focus of the day is breakfast and fructose’s purpose/utilization by our bodies.
Hope you find this vid useful in some way shape or form, I cannot put in words how much these choices impacted my life and the benefits they provided : )

00:00 intro
00:50 Breakfast
01:06 Why plant based
01:32 Lightning fast recovery
01:49 Fruit, Fructose, GI factor, Blood sugar
02:18 Whole Foods & micronutrients
02:48 Supplements: Maca & Vitamin D
03:24 How much energy in 1 piece of fruit?
03:57 Fiber
04:09 Fruit bowl
04:40 Liver glycogen and our brain
04:56 Maca
05:21 Work
05:55 Snacks
06:07 Training
06:38 Current training volume
07:01 ride
08:00 Recovery: Protein, Carbohydrate, Glycogen
09:10 Bomb recovery Bowl
09:26 Carbohydrate to Protein ratio for max recovery
10:17 Grocery shopping
10:34 Dinner

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My goal is to use film as a means to spread meaningful stories about extraordinary athletes and people from the globe.
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