Vegetarian Breakfast & Plant W/La Gata7! Greetings!

Greetings Beautiful Souls! La Gata7 (Windy City Urban Gardener) Indoor Home Conservatory in Windy City, Chicago and you can too! Vegetarian Breakfast & Plant W/La Gata7! Greetings! Join me, tell me what you would like to see by making a comment. Also, consider hitting the subscription button and like the video!…

About My Channel: This is a channel for beginners or early developing urban gardeners who have a porch, balcony, or small gardens, as well as, indoor home garden. I give tips and advice on how to love, care for, and have a holistic relationship with your plants (when you do this they grow like crazy). Also, I have Plant Treats (with Music and my beautiful plants), indoor plant and wine chats, food prep and recipes for using your herb plants, and more all about plants as they relate to people and animals.

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