The Vegan Cyclist VS Cameron Jeffers RACE UP ALP DU

The Vegan Cyclist (me) and Cameron Jeffers went head to head up the alp du zwift climb on Zwift. We set up a public event and we got over 1,000 people to join in on the fun. In this zwift race cycling video, I breakdown how the race was won, show you power, heart-rate, and explain how it all happened.

Ok, that above paragraph was for SEO merit, this is the truth. Cameron hit me up a week ago with the idea of a heads up race. I really didnt want too because on paper Cam is WAY STRONGER THAN ME. But I cant just show the good stuff, my channel is much more about the everyday man with hella responsibilities trying to stay fit on the bike and compete.

So I agreed and hyped up what I thought was going to be a small event that I was gonna get crushed in. But then the event got really popular and people started taking sides and I had all these vegans wanting me show the V power and all of Camerons side wanted to see bacon shoved down my throat.

So I got real serious about it, tapered my training, and went FULL SEND. I had no intention on this being another flex video, and to be honest, a ton of other guys went way faster. Like here in this live stream of the race –

But I did my best 40 min power I have EVER DONE. I usually crack under the pressure but this time I rose to the occasion. I had a small gap for the first 10 mins, he brought me back, and then we kinda played games for a bit. I recovered enough to respond to 2 attacks and then sent my one of my own. I went so deep that I still feel weird 8 hours later.

Zwift is legit dude, and its the future wether you like it or not. And I guess one thing I would like to say is plants wont kill you. I have made huge gains on the vegan diet and not that you have to go full vegan, but proper diet is a good thing. Either way bro, thank you for following this journey with me, cant wait to see where this goes dude.

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