Super Lazy Vegan Dinner Ideas!

Some super lazy vegan dinner ideas 🙂

Ingredients: (there aren’t really any exact measurements for these recipes)

Recipe #1
Green Rice Bowl
*rice (white, brown) as much as you like
*frozen peas
*juice of 1 lemon
*bbq sauce

Recipe #2
Creamy Hummus Pasta
*spelt pasta
*lemon juice
*pasta water
*fresh cherry tomatoes
*fresh basil

Recipe #3
Miso Ramen Noodle Soup (enough for 2 people)

*1 small onion
*a handful of mushrooms
*1 tsp raw sugar
*1-2 tbsp of Miso paste (or more to taste)
*Ramen noodles (I used about 150g)
*4-5 cups of water
*tamari sauce
*a few handfuls of fresh baby spinach
*sesame seeds


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