My raw vegan nutrition experience, results

This video should help people, who want to improve health, lose weight naturally, stop overeating or try some new type of nutrition.
I’m sharing my experience, how I switched to the strict mono raw diet – my psyche problems during shift, benefits and problems of raw veganism.
Also I’m making my conclusions regarding the best type of nutrition in my opinion.

02:26 – how I switched to raw vegan diet
03:17 – why raw food positively affects on our body
04:51 – specific features during shift to raw
09:01 – life on raw
11:14 – about B12 deficiency
12:18 – about intuitive nutrition
13:20 – how tastes we want to eat depend on our emotional state
14:40 – how to find the best nutrition for yourself

Enjoy watching!

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Video mounted by: Ivan Sitnikov

#rawvegan #monoraw #alkalinefood #b12deficiency #intuitiveeating

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