Lost 120 LBS On A Vegan SOS-Free Diet & Kept

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Shayda Soleymani is passionate about helping others thrive on a whole food plant based diet, SOS free, having seen first hand what it has done for her and her family, as well as others.

Since adopting the WFPB lifestyle on January 12, 2012, she has lost close to 120 pounds, eliminated all her medications, and continues to thrive. She has also earned her Starch Solution certificate from Dr. McDougall.

Her goal now is to teach culinary techniques on how to prepare delicious meals, using fresh whole foods without compromising flavor. She is the creator of her YouTube channel, Healthy Cooking with Shayda, where she teaches you how to make simple, healthy delicious meals.

To find more recipes, please check out her website and YouTube Channel.



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00:00 Guest introduction, Shayda’s story and how she met Chef AJ
07:56 Viewer comments and Chef AJ Q & A
31:40 Shayda’s before and after pictures and continued Q & A
54:40 Final thoughts and show wrap

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