Kalel, what happened to you?? No Longer Vegan, weight gain,

Freelee reacts to Kalel Cullen’s video: “Losing weight is hard”
Since going back to eating animals her skin has gotten worse, she has become more depressed than usual and has gained weight that she doesn’t like. Kalel likes to delete videos so I wasn’t able to directly reply to her no longer vegan videos she made.
Becoming a Victoria Secret’s Angel seems to be “goals” for most young women growing up in this looks obsessed culture and because 99.9% don’t have the necessary ‘look’ they spend their time feeling inadequate getting surgeries and buying useless products trying to measure up. Like honestly what a waste of female human potential, it’s ridiculous, walking up and down a “runway” posing lifelessly in stuck up fashion, this is not something to aspire to, it’s actually really dumb if you think about it.
Like Yovana who used to be Rawvana and also like Alyse Parker who used to be Raw Alignment, Kalel has obviously been influenced by a meaty man. Don’t let your standards drop girls! These men are simply not worth it and animals lives are too precious to sacrifice for a 2 second romance.
Kalel is also bringing out a “What I eat in a Day” video soon so I will be responding to that for sure.

Freelee’s next video on Kalel https://youtu.be/882azaxqsdc

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