I Tried Virat Kohli’s Vegetarian Diet for 24 Hours |

In a recent Instagram Q&A, Virat Kohli revealed all the items that are a part of his current vegetarian diet plan.

Being the Virat Kohli fanatic or the wannabe Virat Kohli that I am, I thought about replicating his diet for one full day and packaging it in the form of this vlog.

Over the years, Virat Kohli’s diet has changed a fair bit. Before 2012, he used to do justice to his Punjabi nature by being a foodie who ate anything and everything and however much of anything and everything. However, after a disastrous 2012 IPL campaign, he decided that if he wanted to be the best player in the world, he had to be disciplined when it came to his workouts and nutrition. He became an exceptionally clean eater and revealed details of his diet on Gaurav Kapur’s Breakfast With Champions.

Back then, Kohli was a meat-eater; but, he decided to turn vegetarian in 2018. Ever since he made this change, the general public did not know the exact vegetarian items that he consumed on a daily basis except for the fact that superfood salads were a big part of his diet, which is something he had revealed in an interview with Kamiya Jani on her show Curly Tales.

This has now changed as Kohli listed out the vegetarian items that make up his daily diet when he was asked about the details of his diet in a recent IG Q&A he did while quarantining before the Indian Cricket Team was about to leave for England for the start of India’s series against England.

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