How to Make Vegan Bread

This is the easiest bread recipe you need!

If you can get your hands on flour and yeast, then we have you covered.

We are using our vegan everything dough recipes to show you how to make four of the easiest breads that you may need.

*Just 5 or 6 Ingredients
*No kneading necessary!
*Oil free! (Except for the focaccia)
*Can use bread, all purpose or wheat flour
*Can use ANY dairy free milk or even water
*At this time we don’t have a gluten free version (working on that)

*instant yeast
*dairy free milk *CAN USE WATER
*maple syrup (sub for agave or vegan cane sugar)

We’re not only giving you the dough recipe– find that here:

But we’re sharing with you 4 new recipes for how to use it.

Make these ASAP:
*Loaf of Bread:
*Artisan Bread:

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