Homemade Vegetarian Dog Food Recipe (Simple to Make)

For all the vegetarians out there looking to get your dog on this diet, here is a good homemade vegetarian dog food recipe to start with. However, remember that a vegetarian diet for dogs is quite controversial in the veterinary field and I recommend you do more reading on this approach before cooking for your dog.

Full vegetarian homemade dog food recipe here: http://topdogtips.com/homemade-vegetarian-dog-food-recipe

While some dogs may need to be on a vegetarian diet due to health concerns or allergies, these cases are very few. Typically, pet owners looking to feed their pooch a homemade vegetarian dog food recipe do so because they do not eat meat and want their dog to follow the same values.

“While the potato is cooking, boil the water and add the quinoa. Simmer it until all the water is absorbed. You’ll also need to boil the peas according to the instructions on the packaging.”

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