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Grano dei Morti – a treat as a symbol of celebration

Grano dei morti o Grn cutt in Foggia dialect is a typical vegan dessert of the City of Foggia, It is prepared by mixing together boiled wheat, cooked must, pomegranate grains, walnuts, and dark chocolate. Some recipes also include the addition of raisins, candied fruit and cinnamon..
Nuts would represent bare bones. The pomegranate, a plant born from the blood of a mythical being, is a symbol of fertility and also represents the return of the body to earth. Its grains symbolize life and the regeneration of nature. It is no coincidence that in Roman times, was placed in tombs to ensure nourishment and propitiate the resurrection.
Ancient legends tell that the dead on dedicated days get permission to return to the places where they were born and lived. Between the first and the second of November
You can only find this dish cooked in some families, mostly elderly people who want to keep this tradition alive and not to be lost in time.

This is Grano Dei Morti episode from our Halawet El Moulid and Grano dei Morti mini-series.

This series presents two symbolic treats from Egypt and Italy with profound meanings.
They are both engraved in our cultures for their distinctive taste and simplicity.

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00:00 Culture Whisk Introduction
00:43 Soaking the spelt
01:20 Cooking the spelt
01:51 Preparing the ingredients
04:28 Chopping the chocolate
04:56 Finishing the dish
09:14 Grano Dei Morti background and a bit of history

How to make Grano Dei Morti at home: 8/10 servings

Cooking the Spelt

500g Spelt
1200g Water
Start by soaking the spelt in water overnight.
Rinse it a couple of times in cold running water to wash off the dirt.
Ideally you want to soak the spelt to retain more nutrients and to digest it more easily.

1500g Water
Cook the spelt in 1.5 liter of water for 40/60 minutes.
I suggest not to over cook it, you still want to retain a good bite.
Once the spelt is cooled down, leave it aside and get it on with the rest.

150g Walnuts
150g Dark Chocolate 70%
1/2g Pomegranates
Vino Cotto
Clean walnut and keep the halves in big chunky pieces or if you want to facilitate the process by good quality walnut halves.
Unfortunately I couldn’t find fresh ones due to the particular periods we are living now so I used cleaned ones.
Clean the pomegranates in a very gentle way being careful not to mash the seeds and keep it aside..
At last chop the chocolate in chunky pieces or cubes if you want.
You can facilitate the process by slightly warming up the chocolate in the microwave without melting it.
At the end bring the ingredients all together and mix it gently.
Season this sweet salad with a generous amount of Vino Cotto.

Don’t over cook the Spelt
Clean delicatley the pomogranate
Use good quality chocolate nuts and mosto cotto cotto


Cuccia siciliana: storia, tradizione e ricetta

Hope you enjoy this dish and look forward to hearing from you soon.

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