Endometriosis and Vegan Diet

Ciao amici buoni! I’m a little nervous putting this video out into the world. I don’t typically like to put TMI on public display like so many others. And it makes me feel a little scared if I’m being truthful!

I’m giving you this video today however because after watching YouTuber Mic the Vegan’s video about “The Missed Disease,” I felt I my story might help someone out there– or at least make someone laugh through the pain! Be sure to check out Mic’s video for information on whether plant-based eating helps endometriosis. You can find his video here — https://youtu.be/BjF7mG1zMhQ

As for me, I am not focusing on nutrition or science. I’m just sharing my experience with “the missed disease” and what I found worked for me in alleviating the condition. I hope that even if I cannot provide ironclad answers for other women out there, that at least you know that someone in the world feels what you’re going through, and came out of it happy and healthy.

Please feel free to share your story in the comments, too! Many of us could use camaraderie when it comes to our lady problems. I’m especially curious if any of you also have experience with improving your condition on a plant-based diet!



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