Do Nigerians eat at Vegetarian Restaurants?

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A Nigerian meal is only complete when it has meat, chicken, fish ,eggs and every other edible part of an animal, even cow skin which seems to be most Nigerian’s favorite. The contents of every meal is the most important factor.

But do we have Vegetarians or Vegan people in Nigeria?

BattaBox presenter Yetunde discovered Nigeria’s first Vegan and Vegetarian restaurant in Lagos called ‘Veggie Victory’ where they serve strictly vegetarian food.

“We cook all Nigerian dishes like Egusi, Efo Riro, Edikaikang,” says Mr Ayo, the founder.

“Our own meat is made from Wheat flour and Soy beans,” Mr Ayo adds

Yetunde enjoyed vegetarian Suya and also learnt how a simple vegetarian meal is prepared with the help of the chef,

Can Nigerians eat vegan or vegetarian food? Drop your comment below.

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