After Eating Vegan 12+ Years, Dr

After eating vegan 12+ years, Dr.Rimka has now healed her body, mind, & her patients with a carnivore diet. CLICK TO READ MORE! ⬇️

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00:00 Intro to Cons to Vegan Diet
02:09 Who is @Dr. Rimka
03:45 What is the proper human diet to Dr. Rimka
03:55 Why does it matter what our ancestors ate?
05:40 Vegan propaganda
06:50 Health consequences to vegan
12:40 Vegan secrets?
17:10 Why Rimka eats carnivore & healing patients with carnivore
20:10 Weapon of control to weaken societies
21:20 How to know what food humans should eat
23:00 What 3 foods would Dr. Rimka have if she was trapped on a desserted island?
25:50 Thoughts on ribeye only…dangerous?
27:20 We are all living in toxic sludge
30:20 missing vitamin c, potassium, magnesium in carnivore diet
31:30 What does @Dr. Rimka eat in a week + supplements
34:10 Non-carnivore foods Dr. Rimka eats


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